5 Tips For Successful Long Distance Relationships

With the mushrooming of online dating sites where you will probably meet (and even fall in love) with a man who lives far away from you then the issue of long distance relationships becomes a concern for you. You wonder how you can successfully date over such a distance and what you can do to make sure that your relationship works. What are the tips for long distance relationships?

i. Discuss your expectations. For any relationship to work you have to come to an understanding of what you are both giving and getting from the relationship. Is your long distance boyfriend allowed to casually date other women but tell you about them or is he supposed to date only you? Is he to be faithful to you and what does that faithfulness entail? As clearly as possible define what it is that you expect from him as nothing breaks a relationship like mismatched expectations that nobody talks about.

ii. Live life to the full. It is tempting to put your life on hold and just focus on him but you must continue living life on the full lane. Have a healthy interest in your hobbies and in improving yourself so that you are not always sitting at home missing your faraway boyfriend.

iii. Keep the negativity down. Long distance relationships require that the time you do spend together online or on the phone is memorable and positive. This does not mean that you pretend that all is well but it does mean that you want him to look forward to spending time with you and if all you say is negative then he will lose interest in you as a way of dealing with your negativity.

iv. Be yourself! Yes you may be tempted to Photoshop your whole life or to tell him things that are not totally true but if you want a long distance relationship that has a future then refrain from the lies. You don’t have to tell him all your faults (he will discover them soon enough) but don’t tell blatant lies either. Be as authentic as you possibly can be.

v. Discuss THE deal breakers. For a long distance relationship to work then you must discuss what you both cannot tolerate in a each other and from each other so that you know where the relationship barriers are. This will let you decide if this is a price that you are willing to pay for this romance.

Long distance relationships have peculiar challenges that must be dealt with upfront so that you don’t waste each other’s time.

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