A Matchmaker – Should You Use One?

For some people a Jewish matchmaker conjures up an image of Yente from Fiddler on the Roof, a woman who’s idea of a good match is if he’s single and she’s single, it’s a perfect match! In today’s hectic fast-paced world parents are no longer in charge of finding their children suitable spouses. Families and friends don’t always live in the same city and matchmaking today requires a lot more deliberation and insight.

Jewish singles are more involved in their careers than ever before. There has also been a trend in the last few decades to get married at more advanced ages. Many singles are alienated from synagogue and communal life, and as a result have less time and opportunities to find their soul mates. This phenomenon has been referred to as the Jewish “singles crisis,” and in Orthodox communities as the “shidduch crisis.”

There are many rare matchmakers who understand the unique challenges singles face today in finding a spouse.

Find one that has dedicated her life to helping Jewish singles find their perfect relationship. One who is committed to the mitzvah of helping two young people build a solid Jewish home. A matchmaker should have an extensive database of professional singles worldwide. She should be a hands-on matchmaker with boundless energy who works closely with each client throughout the dating process.

Find a traditional dating process where potential romantic partners are carefully screened and matched based on family values, similar backgrounds, harmonious personalities and other important considerations unique to each individual. to a sensitive follow up, the Find a matchmaker or dating service that it is secure, private and successful in helping Jewish singles find the proper match.

A matchmaker http://www.worldofsingles.com should be more than that, you shouldn’t only get a matchmaker, your should also get an image and fashion consultant, a dating coach, a part time therapist or just a friend. She will help you look your best for a date, talk to you through the dating process, but most important, she encourages you to be open minded and be yourself.

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