A Single Man’s Life – Some Insights and Observations

Enjoying a relationship with someone of the opposite sex is a wonderful and magical journey into love. Starting off as friends and watching your love grow into more than that is the most fantastic experience you can imagine. Who better to have a relationship with than someone who is your best friend?

If you are dating for fun that is one thing. However, make sure that the person that you date understands that you are doing so. Human feelings are fragile and many people who date expect it to become more than a casual experience. If you are dating one person exclusively in hopes that it evolves into a steady relationship they need to know that as well.

Before you begin a relationship with someone there are some things that you must take into consideration to be sure that you are prepared to do so. You, I am sure, will want your relationship to be a healthy and happy one filled with many pleasurable moments. The chances of this happening will increase the more ready you are to have this in your life.

Be sure that you are ready by checking yourself against the following:

Health: Your health is important. No one says that you cannot have a relationship if your health is not up to par, but you should concentrate on getting yourself well first. You need to do this for yourself so that you can enjoy the things that life has to offer, including your relationship with someone.

Finances: Very few people are rich these days, but you need to focus on your financial stability and get this in order. Owing money to someone is an obligation that should be met by working and paying off money that you may owe. This could lead to many extra working hours, which would leave you little time to give to someone else. This is no way to begin a healthy relationship.

Education: The ideal time to get your education is when you are young. If your life goals include earning a degree in a lifelong dream then you should pursue it. This, like working, is also time consuming. Not to say that you could not have a relationship and get an education at the same time, but trying to do so would be difficult. Either your education or your relationship may suffer. It would be better to at least get the majority of your schooling done first before pursuing a relationship with someone.

Relationship Goals: When you are looking to get involved in a relationship take the time to contemplate just exactly what you are searching for. Are you looking for a long-term relationship only for several years or is your mind on bigger things like marrying the person that you are having a relationship with? Are you just looking for a boyfriend or a girlfriend or someone to spend the rest of your life with?

The Person: You need to figure out what kind of a person you are looking for before you take the relationship step. Is it important that the person you are with be a certain religion, such as the same is yours or will you be able to accept the differences in religion? Are you looking for someone with the same interests, likes and dislikes as you? This does tend to make things easier. What type of qualities are you looking for in a mate?

Think these things through long and hard before taking this big step. A relationship with someone can be a highly rewarding experience, but if you have issues that prevent you from being emotionally or physically ready your relationship has a risk of failure.

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