Astrological 7th House ‘Hall Of Mirrors’ Revealing Our Ambiguous Mate of Pure Raw Sacred Sexuality

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It has often been said; I say it all the time, “IF you really want to know the true sexual nature of a person, look at his/her mate.” As startling as that tidbit of information may be, the piercing truth stands while the rest of the ‘crock of bull’ falls away. We are NO different from the person(s) facing we at the moment. Any moment.

We are, in fact, speaking out loud to ourselves when in conversation. The other person is but a clear indicative provocative sensual mirror of ourselves.  Dialogue, both inner and outer, is but a syllabic process. As Martin Buber so implicitly presented to us in the concept, I and Thou.

As with day and night, hot and cold, glad and sad, you and our mates, the two are inseparably linked. Life’s ongoing intricate experiment is to see exactly who/what it is we are looking at and how to integrate the compositional substance offered. No doubt, we are talking about gut-level sacred sensual sexual artistic expression which can be viewed from the astrological 7th house.

Typically, this house reveals the ‘type’ of sexual mates we attract, not withstanding the erotic part of ourselves lurking in the shadows. The specific planet ruling the astrological 7th house, including where it is located in the natal horoscope chart, will better disclose pertinent facts regarding our multifaceted complex sacred sensual sexual artistic natures in operation.

We all, pretty much, want to better understand our involvements. They baffle us on some level. Why? Because we baffle ourselves. We are not known, nor are we vested, except when it becomes a problem, in delving into our deepest motivations and inclinations. We, kinda like, stumble along in current relationships until at some point a conflicting issue arises and then we declare, “Why did he/she do that to me?” Nobody did anything. We are in the process of meeting our own obscurely disproportionately decorated face.

Since we have now ventured into the 7thhouse of the MODE OF Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrological Information where the horror of mirrors is located, we must not turn away when staring into he negative attributions associated. Unless we look closely, intently while observing incredulously, our reflective actions, we will miss an important aspect of our unfolding lives.

We may want to refer to this particular house as the one where everywhere we look, we see ourselves nakedly unadorned. Ouch! For this particular, life’s experimental incarnation is filled with the single purpose of dissection and display and of our coming to terms with the ambiguous behavior.

The idea of having ‘two faces, apparently talking at the same time, (one that can be heard on the outside, while the other continues to babble on the inside) saying two opposing things’ becomes foremost in our personalities. The point in fact is non-negotiable reflected in the other’s responses while vigorously engaged in the conversation. The mate unequivocally shows us the face and voice we deny.

One of the faces is determined to find out who he/she really is and how he/she fits into this vast universe. It matters not whether the individual is conscious of this self-liberating intent. This act of self-disclosure can not possibly take place until one recognizes the ploy to do so. No matter how much appointed labor goes into arguing belittling the unpleasantness involved in doing so, the result remains the same: we are the other whom we are carrying on the emotional episode of torrential parade.

When we are engaged in a practice of self-vested entanglement, we try to please, placate, and pacify, afraid that IF we don’t compensate for the misdirected feelings of the other, he/she will be abandon, forsake, reject, abjectly discard us, leaving us lonely and destitute. The problem with this dichotomy is that the gulf that which separates the two faces is so deep and wide they both fall in head first without being able to swim.

What happens next is sheer insanity. One grabs onto the other who apparently knows nothing about swimming; near death drowning is the result.

The next item on the ‘hide from ourselves’ personal agenda results in a fierce caustic frantic battle of trying to understand, fix and restore the falsely barricaded involvement to its prior state. Nothing short of defragmenting the scenarios the dislocated order to preserve oneself after exhaustion. This desperate action brings on a tremendous amount of confusion, misappropriated anger, resentment, competition, grief, strife and unrest.

Relationship ‘name calling’ blame sends a false smoke signal. What time we are not in a perpetual state of bewilderment, we are abrupt, short tempered and uneasy trying to ward off what we perceive as an intrusive invasion. We are on guard most of the time because we believe wholeheartedly we are under attack. The unnatural tension created makes for a slightly undesirable journey or worse yet, a phony superficial relating, by trying to walk as if on egg shells so not to upset the other. Blah! Boring! Get a real life.

Until the two faces are brought into some kind of mutual unity, (by bringing something of measurable sacred sensual sexual artistic essence to the table) we will both be driving recklessly down the highway of life at break neck speeds running into and over everyone else in our paths.

Let us just for a few minutes, pretend we’ve all lived before, thousands of times in every conceivable manner and at the same time let us imagine we are living multi-dimensionally too. How could this be? Easy, IF we think about it. But, of course, we have never been ones who have been accused of thinking, have we?

If there is the remotest possibility that this 7th house multi-dimensional of fragmented selves actually occurs, then, the relationship and its convoluted abstaining barriers bring on more talk. It might just be possible, that the 7th house offers for us a tremendously enterprising romper room full of creative artistic sexual opportunity to have fun, entertain ourselves and others while at the same time enjoying the unsurpassed sensual luxury of our existence.

Our relationships are based on and formed from the inexorable emotional needs we have buried within. We are all working through our jello flavored mixes, in order for the molds to congeal properly. Nothing has occurred in any of our involvements that has been even remotely disconcerting, in the sense that we have uncovered yet another facet of our beguiling selves.

The astrological 7th house is all about showcasing our most dramatic seductive ploys of deceptively staged interactive applauded interaction. We act like we care so much! But, what we are really interested in is how it will benefit us. We will go through many stages of undetectable guises before we can readily see and appreciate the behooving atrociously masked behavior of our relational selves.

But, if we are interested and so inclined to discover the genuine truth as it stands, we can and will find the liberating factors in our masquerading intimate loves. Then and only then can we free ourselves and the other of the pain and embarrassment of the unstated insoluble sacred sensual sexual artistic discontent.

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