Atlanta Singles Dating: Dating Trap #3 – The Fairy Tale Trap

Remember all the fairy tales we heard and read as children?

While most of them had good moral lessons to teach, they were still fairy tales.

Yet we handle so many of our relationships, especially love relationships, as if

we believe the fairy tales are real.

The Fairy Tale Trap for Singles

We expect our perfect ideal partner to just magically show up someday,

without any effort on our part. As in “Some day my prince/princess will come!”

Here is how I hear it expressed by many of the singles that I coach:

“One day I just looked across the room, our eyes met, and I just knew

he/she was the one!”

Well, maybe yes and maybe no.

Either way, after the glow of the “newness” of the relationship wears

off, you still have to learn to live with another person, which is messy

at it’s best.

I see so many people get hurt this way.

Solution: You just have to take responsibility for your own relationship

choice and take an active role in finding a good match for your self.

Don’t just react to the people that choose you, as in “I’ll like this

person because they like me.” Interview a lot of people for the position

of your partner.

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