Bahamas Gay Bars

With the advent of gay and lesbian cruise lines floating through the Caribbean, the leadership in the Bahamas have taken a legal stance against issues for the gay and lesbian community. The Prime Minister has himself issued statements condemning homophobia and making it illegal. Contrary to popular opinion, today gay travelers to the Bahamas will be welcomed to keep the tourist industry alive in Bahamas. The Bahamas is unlike America however. You will not find many gay friendly or gay owned businesses, and Bahamas gay bars are very rare, however, the gay community, albeit small, is strong and willing to welcome you.

In the past, the Bahamas has attempted to publicize the notion that the gay lifestyle was not accepted. There has been widespread homophobia for some time. A 2005 lesbian beauty queen was de-crowned, and movies such as ‘Brokeback Mountain’ have been banned. Further, the Bahamas has made it widely known that no Bahamian gay bars even exist. This is their attempt at discouraging this lifestyle on their island and in their nightlife.

Fortunately, you just have to know where to look when seeking out gay bars in the Bahamas. There are bars that have flourished quietly for as long as forty years. The capital of the Bahamas, Nassau, has four gay owned and operated bars in the center of the city. These are all conveniently located near the Cable Beach resort area. Freeport, Grand Bahama is also home to a milder gay nightlife scene, and still has its offering of a sparse number of gay bars.

If you are traveling to The Bahamas, a word of caution as a gay traveler. Discretion may not be all that standard while traveling through the United States, but in the Bahamas, and particularly in bars, it is best to be discreet without having to hide who you are. Public displays of affection are not suggested, unless while you are in the safety zone of Bahamas gay bars, where you can feel right at home.

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