Breed Pairing Racing Pigeons

Pairing up good breeders is a definitely a good thing to know how to do. Without knowing, you could keep producing the exact qualities that you do not want in a racing pigeon. And of course, you can produce exactly what you want if you know what you’re doing.

You want to find extremely successful racing pigeons to start off with. Ones that have won many races, long and short distances. When you breed those two together, you have a very high chance of producing another successful pigeon. Of course this sometimes is easier said than done, nothing is perfect, so if a successful pigeon, now has a disease of some sort, you won’t want to breed that pigeon. As an example that is. Some pigeons will have great speed, but no stamina. So they can’t race any long distance races. So you will want to bring in a successful long distance racer whether they are the fastest or not. As long as they can race well for really long distances. That way you bring in genes for long distance racing, as well as having your original speed gene. Pairing your pigeons with each other will bring a mix of a good qualities, or make good qualities better, if you do it correctly.

The more you breed with successful and healthy pigeons, the stronger your loft will be. Just imagine having a good size loft, and all of them can win races. You will be near the top of your club, and winning tons of races, and probably lots of money too! Once you get to this point, you can really pin point the exact genes, and skills you want in your racing pigeons. You will be able to get calm and focused pigeons as an example. If you want to keep speed and strength in your loft, you can consider line breeding, which means you will be breeding directly related pigeons with each other. It is something that is looked down upon for us humans, but for pigeon racing, you can send you to the top if done correctly. Line breeding is something you will not want to do all the time, but doing it periodically to keep good genes within your loft is a great idea.

This is why learning about breeding racing pigeons is so important. You should have a goal of what your outcome should be in your loft, whether if they specialize in long or short distances, or both. What skills, genes you want to have. Since the sport of pigeon racing is growing, there is more competition, so it is best to be prepared! So go and do your due diligence and learn about stock selection and breeder selection as well. It is important to learn about both of those, as well as about the different types of breeding. They all play a part in producing a champion racing pigeon loft, that will make you lots of money, prizes, trophies and most important, success!

Good luck!

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