Can Reconnecting Make Up for Some of Your Life’s Gloom?

Reconnecting to the people in your past is one way to feel happy and energized. You have a lot to catch up with them regarding their updates and vice versa. It helps to elevate your mood to a jubilant and joyous status, which is why you are able to carry out your daily tasks smoothly in an organized way. In order to understand the benefits of reconnecting better, I cite an example from my life in this article.

To tell you the truth, it’s all life again and yes, it does really make up for your life’s gloom.

So who did I reconnect with recently? My brother is back from abroad after completing his engineering studies.

Until then, people around were mystified about how my Mom and I – only two women – could stay by ourselves in an apartment without any male presence. Well, those are the culture and social norms of our society. A woman needs to stay by a man constantly for protection, safety and security.

I missed my brother for the last three and a half years when he was not here. I missed everything about him – his sense of humor, his wholeheartedness and even his temper! Now that he is here, it’s really like the old good times and above all, it’s all life again.

That said the arrival of my brother back into our home will not raise eyebrows any longer. Although where we live is quite secure enough, the presence of a male personality will help to get along with the society’s culture and values conveniently.

That is not all. There is more merriment, entertainment and laughter in our home now that my brother is back with us. I am especially happy because a whole lot of my life’s gloom has already vanished just by his benign presence. I can joke and play around with him. I can share food and snacks and make tea for him gladly.

One more advantage of having my brother around is that I can send him on errands to bring me stuff that I want or need fervently. He is the answer to so many of my problems. Yes, my brother is a great asset for me for the time being.

I hope I have made my point. Reconnecting is very much advantageous as you can see – people can make you laugh, give you joy, help you with your needs, and you can help them in return, forming renewed trust, friendship and bonding.

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