Common Online Dating Profile Mistakes You Can Avoid

Online dating has become a popular option among people who find it challenging to meet someone around their area, be it due to the lack of option or lack of social skill. But even with the surge of online dating sites, many people still end up dateless or worse, attracting the wrong kind of people. A common culprit to these is one’s dating profile.

Your dating profile is like your resume. Screw up in a single area and you’re doomed to be one of those with unsuccessful online dating stories. People only realize this after having futile results despite being in the site for months or even years. You can avoid it by watching out for the following profile mistakes.

The Profile Photo

Adding a photo with someone from the opposite sex

If you’re meeting someone for the first time and he/she is with someone from the opposite sex, what would be your first instinct? You could probably be thinking that the guy or girl the person is with is her/his partner. The same thing could happen if your profile photo is you and someone from the opposite sex.

Choosing a non-flattering photo

Photos of you getting wasted may look fun to you but not to your potential partner. This doesn’t mean though that you upload photos that are not you.

Pick a photo that represents your personality but also something that you can show to someone outside your family and circle of friends.

The Content

Not showing enough personality

The words you chose for your profile can make or break your chance in getting a date. Many people are too lazy to write something more descriptive that when you read on their profile, they appear to be dull and uninteresting.

Loosen up and write the way you speak. You do not have to use difficult words to do that.

Writing unnecessary bits of yourself

While it’s highly suggested that you express yourself in your profile page, you must be picky with which information to include and which one you should keep to yourself. Consider online dating as being on an actual date. You don’t actually share all your embarrassing moments with your date, do you?

There may be differences with the way online and offline dating works but when it comes to impressing someone, there is slight difference between the two. Your profile is your representation in the virtual dating scene. Present it well the way you present yourself in an actual date.

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