Creativity Secrets – 5 Ways You Can Be More Creative Today

Looking for new ways to be more creative? Here are 5 top creativity secrets that will help you increase your creativity from today onwards.

1. Give Your Creativity Permission. Your creativity is dormant inside simply waiting for your permission to come out and play. Only you can give that permission, and because your creativity has been brought up in a polite well mannered way, it will only come out if formally invited. What you probably haven’t realised is all the ways you’ve been denying that permission. Start by accepting that there is a creative core within you that will always be there. We don’t lose the ability to be creative, we lose sight of the fact that we need to encourage our creativity and give it the channels it needs to flow through.

2. Start Small. One sure way of NOT being creative is to take on huge multi layered projects and expect to finish them in a few hours this coming weekend. Instead, start small, re-learn how you create through each stage of your creative process, from first fragment of an idea to being at a point you can let go of the project and move on. Reconnecting with each step of your creative process over a number of small, manageable projects will then allow you to move on to larger more ambitious ones with far greater confidence and motivation.

3. Pick One Project. I know you probably have about 57 different project ideas right now, all these possible things you COULD create. But picture these two scenarios: Scenario A. 1 year from now you’ve created 15 different projects, in various forms. Some have been fantastic and opened you to new ways of creating you’d never thought of. Others haven’t worked out, but that’s great because it’s allowed you to focus your energy on the projects that are right for you. Scenario B. 1 year from now, you haven’t created a thing, but you’re closer then ever to choosing that perfect project. Which scenario would you rather have? The choice is yours, starting today.

4. Get a Creative Buddy. However creative you are, if you always create in isolation and with no connection to the outside world, you begin to wonder not only if anyone cares what you’re creating, but if anyone even KNOWS you’re creating at all. Find a creative buddy – someone else creative who you can check in with every week or two, share each other’s progress and encourage yourselves on. The encouragement of others – especially other creatives – is one of the most valuable elements you can have in helping yourself be more creative.

5. Enjoy Your Creativity. It’s all to easy when we create to fall into any number of “should” traps. “I should be creating this way because that’s what writers do”, “I should be painting landscapes because that’s what my mother painted”, “I should be making everything I create perfect”… The list is potentially endless. Instead of drowning your creativity in impossible shoulds, just stop and think about what you’d really ENJOY creating. What will you create that will give YOU pleasure and meaning, without getting hung up on the outcome or end product? Then start creating it!

Which of these 5 ways to be more creative can you pick today to start using in your creative life?

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