Dating Background Checks – Learn to Play the Online Dating Game

Dating background checks have become an inseparable part of the online dating game. Why? Because finding “the prince” requires weeding out the frogs. The dictionary of people with dishonest intentions on online dating sites is long-married players, sexual predators, online scammers, con artists, identity thieves, gold-diggers, stalkers. In order to protect yourself against love disappointments, you have to learn how to play the online dating game. Here are some helpful tips:

1Be honest…but don’t expect honesty in return.

Be honest when you create your profile. Don’t put down “average” body type when you are a lot bigger than than. Don’t choose “bachelor’s degree” when you are a lot of classes short of graduation. Also choose a picture that is as current as possible. Being honest might reduce the number of initial admirers but will work to your benefit in the long run. However, do not expect that the profiles you are reading are as honest as yours. People on dating sites twist and turn information for various reasons. Question everything you read or hear until you have a solid proof of the facts.

2 Learn to read between the lines.

The few short sentences introducing a member can give you some clue of his personality and overall relationship expectation. However, don’t take every word literally. Thus “looking for casual dating” or “other type of relationship” might translate into “searching for one night stands”. “Currently working on my business” often means “unemployed”. Also learn to distinguish genuine e-mails sent to you from generic e-mails sent to hundreds of women at the same time.

3 Background Check Your Date

Dating background check has turned into a necessity. Dating online means getting involved with strangers. Jumping into the unknown could be risky. Until you verify the facts about your potential date, you can never be 100% sure in his real identity and intentions.

Dating background check has made finding an appropriate partner easy. After all you wouldn’t let a complete stranger in your house. Then why let him in your heart and life?

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