Defy Dating Rejection – Date to Win His Heart – But Do Not Break Yours

Can you think of any other emotional pain more devastating than rejection from a lover-someone you have loved, trusted, depended on. Someone you believed would marry you. Someone you longed to establish a home, and bear children with. The rejection can be devastating. How do you trust to love again!

Having been burned and rejected by your lover, moving forward how do you prevent painful rejection from happening again? How do you trust moving into another relationship when you’re scared and scarred from the previous one? How do you muster the courage to open up to love someone else? You’re terrified of another rejection.

So let us discuss how women can protect themselves from future rejection(s)?

First are a couple of questions: Since women are basically emotional and generally fall in love more easily, have you ever considered abstaining from sex while dating until committed love is established first? That’s important because sexual involvement plays havoc with our psyche. We begin to see our partner through rose-colored glasses because we’re caught up in the intense pleasure of him. That pleasure, then, can short circuit importance of our finding out his inner core.

We need to know his intentions toward us before we get emotionally involved. Is he a player? Does he value me? What are his future plans; do his future plans include me?

When you’re wrapped up in his pleasure, you don’t think about those issues as seriously as you should. But, think about this, what if you abstain long enough to listen for his spoken and/or unspoken intent. Listen for openness or evasiveness. Listen to evaluate his values, ideas, perceptions, goals and purposes.

By listening to this extent you glean important information to know whether your involvement with this particular man would be a compatible relationship for you or not. You listen carefully, and never assume. This clearer focus will help you make wise relationship decisions that would “benefit” you.

Under these circumstances, free from sexual influence, even if the relationship ends, you could rebound relatively unscathed because, while you loved him, you did not give your heart and soul. You did not have to extinguish that inner sexual fire that begs for his reciprocal love whether he is the right man for you or not. This type of dating allows you to take charge of your emotions long enough “get it right.”

In summary: To avoid devastating rejection, make relationship choices with clearer vision that lead to commitment to safeguard your heart. Use your womanly power wisely. Control the situation to your benefit by controlling the emotional factor. Listen for his intent. Take your time to your assess the inner man and build a firm solid relationship built on friendship, trust and respect. This is the way to defy dating rejection.

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