Difference Between Love Sac and Bean Bags

When a person hears the name love sac he will normally think that it is a kind of thing related to love but the love sac is not like that. Actually love sac is a kind of chair made of soft material. The love sac is very much similar to a bean bag which is another kind of chair which is very much popular. The lovesac has a very important history relating to its invention. The love sac has been invented by a teenager named Shawn David Nelson. Shawn made his invention of love sac in the year nineteen ninety five. There was an incident behind the invention of love sac. One day Shawn was watching TV and was getting bored. Then he got struck an idea about watching TV on big chair. Suddenly he got an idea of a giant bean bag of eight foot height instead of using the normal couch. He started thinking about how make his idea in practical.

He jumped up and took some fabrics and soft material for making the bean bag. He convinced his girlfriend and gave her the duty of sewing the fabrics for making the love sac. After a few hours he made a big bean and named it as ‘Love Sac’. After that Shawn identified the market value of his invention and started making love sacs. Soon Shawn and his intentional product love sac have become popular among almost all part of the country. As love sac has got increased demand other companies identified the demand for bean bag and started making it. Thus lovesac has become a profitable product and Shawn David Nelson called his Business approach as “Business Backward”.

Foof chair is another type of chair which provides a relaxed and good sitting position for those who sit in the chair. The foof chair is also a type of bean bag chair and has almost all properties of a bean bag chair. The foof chair is a perfect choice for those people like to purchase a suitable chair for their children’s or teens. The foof chairs are also known as poof chair and again the name of the foof chair has been changed to FUF chair. Bean bag chairs use polystyrene beads for filling the bean bags and foof chairs use memory foam for filling the bean bag. The bean bag chair is harder than foof chair because of the polystyrene beads used for its filling.

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