Disciplines of Discipleship: Training a Child

We all have had our beginning. It started with our birth. We are because we were born. And being born, we enter this life with certain inherited traits and requirements. We inherit certain traits by means of our DNA. But as a new born baby, we have certain requirements before those inherited traits can develop into complete fruition. Someone has to care for us or our ‘potential’, good or bad, will not be realized because we will die. So being cared for, we will grow, be taught, and learn.

The heart of the matter which I desire to share for all of us to consider together is based on the premise previously stated. The premise that all things seen are temporal and those things not seen are eternal. All of us are born naturally and are inherently born into those things that are natural. No matter how we are taught, what we are taught, or who teaches us, we cannot perceive nor comprehend those things that are eternal, because we are by nature children of disobedience. For we have been born into sin, which separates from Him, and have been and are being shaped or disciplined by iniquity. That springs forth from the seed which we all inherit. It is of this world and this world is passing away. Hence He tells us ” you must be born again”, not of flesh and blood or by any desire or act of man or woman, but by the Grace of Jesus our Savior. In this new supernatural birth He places within us the new Seed which is from above, of the Lord from Heaven.

We are taught to ‘train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old, they will not depart from it’. So again for the natural born, no matter how we are taught, what we are taught, or who teaches us, the outcome can only be what is found in this world, because that’s who we are. But for those born of God, because of the new Seed implanted within us, we now have access to the Father, to those things that are eternal, those True Riches which are more precious than thousands of gold and silver. Just as a natural born baby requires help, so also His new born requires care. The natural born, by virtue of our nature, know the things of this world. We ultimately do not need a teacher because that’s who we are. It comes to us naturally. Those born from above do require teaching because it does not come naturally, but supernaturally from above by means of instruction and the disciplines of discipleship. We will discuss some about those disciplines of discipleship at a later time.

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