Divorce – Psychological Effects of Divorce on Children

Psychological effect of divorce on children is disastrous. Young children do not even know what exactly is going on in their parents’ lives. For them both the parents are equal and usually they love both of their parents equally. Usually divorce follows after years of fighting and differences therefore children start living in a confused state of mind long before divorce actually happens.

Parents usually consider divorce as “their issue” but they do not realize how it is going to impact the mind of their children. The situation complicates further when blame games starts. Parents must avoid blaming each other for the divorce.

Following are some of the psychological effects of divorce on children

o Loneliness and loss of attachment: when you and your partner decide to end the relationship, it is a loss of one parent for your child. He/she may start fearing the loss of another parent as well. He/she may stop believing in love and attachment. It may cause loneliness and detachment from other relationships as well.

o New atmosphere: when either the mother or the father is not around, your child will have to relearn living in a new situation. Children of divorced couples tend to take relationship very casually. When they grow up they simply have no faith on any relationship.

o Insecurity: Children of divorced couple start living with constant feeling of insecurity. This is one of the most frightening situations for any child. They find it very difficult to get over the feeling of insecurity even after growing up

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