Endless Summer: After 40 Singles Summer Dating Tips, Attend Adult Summer School at Community College

As a member of the Baby Boomer Generation in your forties and fifties or so now, do you remember the Beach Boy’s Record Album, “Endless Summer?” You can reignite all those fun and fabulous feelings of the endless and limitless possibilities of sizzling summer romance this summer season with exploring meeting new people and learning new things at your local community college. During the summer months of June, July, and August, the community education and personal enrichment category of your local community’s Adult Education program offers you limitless new doors to open and explore your world.

Your local community colleges and adult education programs in your regional area community open up new lighter and breezier topic classes, workshops, and seminars in the summer semester to best serve the communities. Your local schools are often tasked to serve the mature members of their community. Often the mature single adults taking workshops are in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. Do take a look at your area community college or college extension center catalogue. Search out either in the hard copy of the physical catalogue you probably received in the mail. Alternatively, search on the web at the school’s website for their online version of their class schedule.

Often in the summertime, the community education offerings will expand to include more single session classes and workshops. Most people have busy summer schedules and are planning trips. Fewer adult learners want to commit to multiple sessions or multiple weeks for a class or workshop learning model. During June, July, and August, you will likely encounter more one-off workshops meeting just one Saturday this summer. Those are perfect for meeting more area locals.

What sort of classes and workshops should you seek to take to best use your time for meeting possible senior singles?

Be on the look out for DIY project classes, cooking classes, singles skills, conversation skills, as well as arts and crafts classes to sign up for. These are both light topics which people enjoy learning about without feeling like it’s too much re-doing high school or college. In addition, these sort of workshops are highly interactive. The more interactive the class or seminar, the better for you to connect lightly with your fellow classmates as well as display yourself just a little bit in a low key, stress-free manner where you can feel confident and comfortable doing so.

What is another great local venue to go to for meeting your fellow mature midlife singles for socializing and dating?

Discover your local area city government’s “Parks and Recreation” department. The summer months typically open up and offer a lot more “Park and Recreation” outdoors activities than can be permitted during the cooler and colder winter months. Now that it’s summertime, and the living is easy, everyone is donning brightly colored eye catching colors and happily smiling more often as they enjoy the warmer weather and fun new activities.

To prepare how to best leverage your time at the summer workshops, do implement tips to be more approachable and you’ll feel confident and at your best. What could be more socially attractive for getting dates than that?

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