Family Legacy Is Becoming Real to Me Now

As my years advance towards age seventy, I am now taking the word LEGACY, to heart. What I think is most important is not money or land or stuff but the fact that I did try to reconnect with my wife and daughters and grandkids. I admit to being reclusive, a bit of a hermit. I am constantly looking for ways to break out of this prison I create for myself.

When my wife and I travel, we reconnect. We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon and it set a great pattern for us later on. Decades later we always look forward to ‘getting out of town’ and escaping the urban frenzy. Sometimes this is just a short one hour roadtrip and sometimes it is to the tropics. It’s all good!

Then there are the three daughters to reconnect with. We are all close, but in different ways. One daughter plays guitar. I have always played guitar so this is a great way to reconnect if we have grown a bit distant. My grandaughter, that is her daughter, has now learned to play guitar so there now is a good feeling of legacy that warms my heart.

Another daughter loves to talk about rock bands like U2 and Led Zeppelin. This how we reconnect. Just lately, we took her to an amazing concert starring Paul Simon and Sting. This was on her birthday and we could tell she was really into the music!

Our oldest daughter also loves music, but more like Abba and Supertramp. I love these bands too! My grandson, her son, plays electric guitar. Cool! This daughter loves to eat fish and chips with her old dad, on occasion. This is a very yummy way to reconnect, if you ask me.

If I let myself become a hermit, then I will turn into a hermit crab. This is what my inner child is wisely saying. I am trying to heed this warning and break out of my shell. Maybe soon I’ll try some social media or just stick to writing articles. It is all helping me to emerge as a person. It also helps that I walking a lot on sunny days and playing a lot of guitar and mandolin. If I permit myself, I might even attempt fiddle or string bass. I am on a roll!

Even thinking about RECONNECTING is having positive effects on my psyche. I will move forward with this new positive attitude, seize the moment, and continue to write article after article!

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