Female Sexuality – Here Are The 7 Most Important Things Every Woman Looks For In A Lover

In this article I’m going to talk to you about the 7 most important traits that women look for in a LOVER. And it really doesn’t matter whether you are single right now, or in a relationship — if you want to improve your SEX-LIFE, you should work on these 7 things.

Read on, work out which of the 7 things you are worst at and then work on those things…

NOTE: The average man isn’t very good at any of these 7 things and that’s why the average man is rather lame in bed.

If you want to SEXUALLY SATISFY your woman, please read on carefully…

Female Sexuality – Here Are The 7 Most Important Things Every Woman Looks For In A Lover

1. An Ability To Connect With Her On An Emotional Level

For every woman — sex is just as much a mental experience as it is a physical one. Therefore, women tend to be sexually attracted to men who can ‘connect’ with them emotionally outside the bedroom.

The average man tends to talk only about a few topics… football, beer, ‘tits’, cars — you know the sort of thing. But such conversational topics don’t really interest women. To be a great lover, you have to talk about things she’s interested in.

You have to get inside her mind.

2. Creativity And Imagination

No woman wants to go to bed with a BORING GUY.

By showing a woman that you are creative and imaginative outside the bedroom, she’ll automatically start to assume that is how you’ll be inside the bedroom.

Of course, that’s what she wants — a creative, imaginative lover.

3. Masculinity And Manliness

These days there aren’t too many REAL MEN around.

Men have become wimpy and self-obsessed.

But high value women still like masculine, manly guys the best. Improve your masculinity and manliness and you’ll be more sexually attractive. Guaranteed.

4. Sexual Confidence

Women are attracted to sexual confidence like bees to honey. They can’t resist it. Improving your sexual confidence will get you MORE SEX.

5. Control Over Your Penis

Most women don’t care about ‘size’.

What they really want is a guy who has control over his penis. She wants him to be able to GET HARD and STAY HARD for a decent length of time. This doesn’t have to be 3 hours, but 20 to 30 minutes would be very good.

TIP: If you want to last longer, improving your nutrition is the fastest and safest way to do so. Eating more healthy foods an cutting down on the amount of junk food you eat will instantly improve your sexual vitality and staying power.

6. An Ability To Use Your Voice

Every woman loves dirty talk and not many men do it well.

So if you work on your ability to TALK DIRTY, you’ll be better able to stimulate your woman’s mind in bed than most men.

Every woman wants a man who can talk dirty.

You see, dirty talk isn’t just another sex technique that you might like to try occasionally — it’s actually a technique you should use every time you make-love to your woman (assuming of course that you want to give her great sex).

7. An Understanding Of Sex Techniques And How To Give Her Orgasms

Of course, the most important trait that every woman wants in a man in the bedroom is an ability to GIVE HER ORGASMS.

And not just the usual clitoral orgasms.

No, no, no… She wants multiple, vaginal and squirting orgasms too.

If you can give a woman those types of orgasm — you’ll be a GREAT LOVER, a guy who can sexually satisfy any woman.

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