Five Simple Tips to Enhance Your Gaydar Today

When you are talking about Gaydar, what is it and how do you use it or enhance it? Gaydar supposedly is the ability to tell if someone is gay or not. There is some debate as to whether this actually exists or not.. There is also software that can count you on Facebook if you’re gay or homosexual called Gaydar as well. But that is not what we are referring to. Supposedly you can look at tell who is gay and who is not just by looking at them. Can it be that simple?

One of the things to improve your Gaydar simply by paying attention to what’s going on around you. Most folks can tell if someone is a closet gay or not especially if they’ve been hanging around members of the gay community for a while. Paying attention is one of the ways to sharpen your Gaydar. There are just nuances and things that someone will notice having been around somebody else’s day that will be able to pick it up automatically. Different things can help you to improve your Gaydar. Here are some things to look for.

Using your eyes and looking for different characteristics is one way to sharpen the Gaydar. However let’s assume the reverse is true that there is no Gaydar. How do you strengthen something that you don’t even have? Let’s assume for a moment that you do have this radar. How do you sharpen it? Do sharpen it visually by watching clues in actions and manner or do you just assume? Bear in mind that there are people that have gay characteristics that are not gay. Were you would need to watch for would-be mannerisms. There are certain mannerisms to give the game away every time.

Being observant of manners and habits in the way things are done can also sharpen this particular little radar. There is no reason why you can’t become sharp as a tack. There are certain physical characteristics that can be a dead giveaway. The same goes with language. That will sharpen it up quickly if you know what you are listening for. This goes both for straights and gays. Now, if that is true, can you sharpen it to where it will go off automatically?. Both straight and gay will tell you yes, you can do so.

Other than what has been said above, is there anything else that will sharpen the Gaydar? Not really. It honestly depends on what you believe. Some people have it some don’t and some don’t believe it exists. That is a question for the reader to decide. If you use the suggestions that have been suggested, then you can sharpen your radar for gays. Take the time to decide for yourself if there really is a Gaydar then use the suggestions listed above for sharpening it. Only you can decide to use a Gaydar and only you know if you are right or not when it goes off. That is up to you to decide.

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