Friends Are Like Old Jeans

Don’t you love that old pair of jeans that are worn to the softest denim you’ve ever seen? You don’t even mind that hole in the knee (heck, it’s even fashionable these days). They just fit perfect, like an old friend. And aren’t old friends incomparable?

With the advent of social networking sites like Facebook, we are now able to reach out through cyberspace, capture that old friend by the heart and escort them into our present lives. (If you are, indeed, fortunate enough to find them in the first place.) Ah, but once you do, you set off an adrenaline rush of old memories. Some of those memories will make you laugh, and some of them may make you want to cry, but all of them will likely warm your heart. Your conversation will include a litany of “remember when” and “no, I did not!” and “Oh, yes… you did”. It’s like music to the soul.

I feel fortunate to have found many of my old friends from my youth, including my very best friend.  There are as many levels to friendship as there are the variety of friends. Each friend that finds you a worthwhile individual is an endorsement of your own quirky and endearing traits, and you to theirs.  The value and worth they bring to your every day existence is difficult to put words to. They dwell within your heart.

Just like that pair of perfect old jeans ~ they fit just right. And now that you have them, you wouldn’t give them up for anything.

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