Friendship Is Not by Force, But by Choice

In defining the meaning of friendship, I must be sincere and factual in driving home my points. This is due to the fact that most individuals confuse the term-“friendship”.

What then is friendship? Below are some of the key points that can direct us on the real definition of friendship.

Friends add value to our life

Whenever we are with those we value the most, and it seems our life is either stagnant or retrogressive, it may indicate one fact- “we are not in the right relationship”. When an individual is in a wrong relationship, then it is obvious friendship cannot be established. The level of growth and progress you make in life is a function of the level of friends we associate with. Each year, I analyze the number of friends I keep and those that have not added value to my life are instantly discarded. Because I have a choice in the type of friends in keep, it is entirely up to me to decide on whether to continue or stop a relationship with someone I term as a friend.

Your friends create your destiny

There are two routes in life- The route to success and the route to failure. The pathway to these routes are usually filled with one obstacles or the other, all aimed at ensuring that we do not arrive at our destiny in life. One of the things that can assist us on the journey towards our God ordained destiny in life, is the ability to associate with the right friends. Our friends help align our radar towards our destiny in life. it must be emphasized here, that friendship can be enjoyable when both parties are moving in the same direction. When your interest and that of your supposed friend is at cross-purpose, it is time to call it quit.

Your friend celebrates you

If there is an iota of envy among those we call our friends whenever we achieve any remarkable feats, it is not a good sign. I have seen individuals who became annoyed just because their friends bought a new car. The spirit of envy is a destructive spirit which can hinder the free flow of love and unity among friends.

Friends must be honest with each other

I was once in a relationship for close to three years with someone I held close to my heart. A day came when I discovered the need to evaluate the relationship. I meditate on the friendship and it was apparent I was not honest with myself. The relationship was going nowhere, and this was due to the fact that we both never had a tangible goal from the onset. We were just moving together in a complete circle and deceiving ourselves while it all lasted. Some friends will not tell us the truth about what they feel inside for the fear of hurting us. Honesty is the foundation of any true friendship, and as long as it is missing, nothing good can come out from such relationship.

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