Gayism And Lesbianism

It is a practice accepted in some parts of the world and forbidden in other parts. I analyzed that people who practice such were not born that way, but it was acquired due to some circumstances that occurred in their lives. Some people say they were born gay but I never believed that. I realized that some of the weird behaviors that happen in the lives of some men that make them behave like women could be as a result of some genetic conditions which they could not help, but they have been tagged as “gays” because they do not behave the right way in the eyes of the society. While some of the women who have a naturally built body like that of men due to the same genetic conditions, are sometimes tagged by the society as “lesbians”. But that is one aspect of it. The other aspect is when there is a deliberate intention by the individual to go into an intimate relationship with the same-sex because of the attraction between them and that is what I am still trying to understand.

So many gays and lesbians give the excuse for going into it because of the heartbreak they have experienced from the opposite sex. They feel that the opposite sex will not understand them the way the same-sex will and since they have the same needs, it will be easy to satisfy each other. But from statistics, I believe the world’s population is enough on both sexes for each individual to make different choices. So why will people use an experience with an individual to conclude for a whole gender in the world. I asked myself “if almost every girl or guy become homosexual, who will be left for the straight?”

I find it so weird when I see two guys or two girls having misunderstanding on how one cheated on the other with another girl or a guy. It is so funny to me. God made us male and female from the beginning and said we should procreate. I do not know how that will be possible if people engage in same-sex marriage. The devil has brought so many ideas and stuff that alter the plan of God for our lives. Our emotions and mentality is not an excuse for us to do the unthinkable because there is always an alternative to do the right thing.

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