Gibraltar Gay Bars

Taking a holiday to Gibraltar can be an exciting trip unless the idea is to spend nights out at Gibraltar gay bars; this is because there is only one gay bar that will be found. There are other bars and clubs where it is possible to have fun, drinks and socializing that will usually be found by talking to members of the gay community.

The one Gibraltar gay bar that will be found is Charlie’s Hole In The Wall, this bar can be found on Castle Street and is owned by the secretary of gay rights in Gibraltar. The bar opens at 8:00 p.m. and stays open late and the visitor will find this a fun and relaxing place for a night out. There are drink specials, live entertainment, music and dancing.

This is also a bar where a visitor will be able to socialize with the locals especially on weekends. Weekends here are crowded and have live DJ music, dancing and other fun. During the week there are live events and karaoke. The atmosphere is one of fun, with a friendly staff and a full cocktail menu, they will also be able to suggest other bars and cafes to visit for drinks and socializing or a fun night out while in Gibraltar.

There are also cafes that can be found where many of the local gay community go to socialize and that offer cocktails and local brews. They also offer a menu for a light snack or a complete meal.

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