Grandparenting and Technology

Many children grow up and move away from their parents and have children of their own leaving the grand parents to become long-distance grandparents. Grand parenting long-distance can be a struggle at first but as you become more agreeable with the idea of bonding with your grandchildren through other means, it will become easier on both you and the grandchildren. Best of all, the experience can still be absolutely wonderful.

With today’s technology grandparents can video conference with their grandchildren, asking them how their day was, who they play with and what is going on in their lives – where in the old days it was a letter once a week that took another week to return. There are also instant photographs through the Internet so that grandma or grandpa can see exactly how big their grandchildren are growing on a daily basis. Even small children can benefit from videoconferencing with grandma and grandpa, that way when they come to visit, the child will know who they are and remember them from the videoconferencing. Videoconferencing over the internet is practically free – with just minimal equipment costs.

It’s important for grandparents to have a bond with their grandchildren early on especially when they live far away from one another. The exchanging of pictures through the Internet, e-mails and phone calls all help to strengthen the bonds of grandparents and grandchildren. As the children get older they will be able to e-mail or make phone calls on their own to their grandparents.

A parent doesn’t have to get a child their own computer or cell phone in order to allow them to keep them in touch with their grandparents. The family computer or the regular phone will do for all the children. Yet, a few basic pieces of computer equipment like: an internet connected PC and a basic web camera on the part of the grandparents and the kids will keep everyone seamlessly in touch.

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