Haiti Gay Bars

The Haitian gay community does not have its own Haitian gay bars and clubs and for person visiting Port au Prince will be the most likely place to find bars and clubs to go to for entertainment. The gay community works by word of mouth and the people in the gay community collection in small groups for dinners and drinks.

The designated spot of these groups is the restaurants and the beaches at Lyscha Beach. There is also the hotel Montana that is known to be a bar the local gay community patronage, to have dinner and later have drinks on the upper terrace.

There are also gatherings at central plaza Champs de Mars this is where locals meet and where there are often food vendors as well as a few tourists. Planning a trip to central plaza amphitheater should be done cautiously, as its is in the poor part of town, this is where there will be singles and couples sitting at the outdoor seating or walking around in the theater.

Haitian gay bars or clubs do not exist but the gay community does have certain bars where they gather and there are other bars with live entertainment for the visitor to Haiti. Part of the reason there is no Haitian gay bars or clubs is because the gay community has lived basically underground for many years and is just beginning to surface. The visitor to Haiti will find many other things to do on their trip, along with hotel bars and clubs to patronage.

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