Homeschool Students Can Use CLEPs to Verify High School Learning and Prove College Readiness

For kids who are home-schooled, getting into a good college can sometimes be a huge challenge. These kids have the smarts and they have the knowledge to do well in college, but some universities have no way of knowing just how much kids have learned. The schools just do not trust grades from home-schooled kids, so these kids are put behind the eight ball for admissions purposes. Luckily for these students, CLEP exams exist and allow them to prove their readiness. When you take the CLEP exams, you can not only prove to colleges that you’re ready for the rigors of their program, but you can also reap other benefits. Having college credit when you enter a university is a big money and time saver.

Demonstrating previous knowledge with the CLEP

The CLEP test basically measures how much knowledge you have gained in a certain subject. This means that you can take as many or as few of these tests as you’re comfortable taking, based solely upon how well you have mastered the material. When you take CLEP exams, you get the chance to show the universities you are applying to that you have an advanced degree of expertise. In effect, a good score on a CLEP exam will, at the very least, validate your home school education. If you excel on the CLEP test, then it can actually do much more for you than validate your education. It can become an extra point in your favor in the admissions process, putting you ahead of students with similar profiles.

The flexibility of the CLEP

The nice thing about this test is that you can take on your own schedule and when you’re ready. If you are on top of things in history and you feel like you can show off your knowledge, then you can schedule the CLEP for that subject. If you need a little more schooling on basic economics, then you can hold off and take that CLEP a little bit later on. It is truly dependent upon you, which makes it somewhat unique among tests of this nature. Additionally, the CLEP is nice because it gives you a chance to show off what you’ve learned throughout your life. Maybe you’ve gotten smart by watching Jeopardy or maybe you’ve done a lot of reading for the fun of it. The CLEP measures all of that, in addition to what you learned in your home classes.

Putting you ahead of the game in college

Once that CLEP helps you get into college, it will put you ahead of the game. The rising costs of higher education today make it important not to waste your time in college. For less than $100, the CLEP tests will give you real college credit. This can save you a whole semester in some cases or maybe it can let you focus more on the classes you do have to take.

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