How Do You Know She’s Ready For Sex?

Do you want to get into bed with a woman but don’t quite know if she wants you, too? How do you know if she’s ready for sex? Can you bring up the subject of sex subtly, without pressuring her or making her feel objectified? When it comes to taking things to the next level, TIMING is the most important thing. You need to make sure that she is absolutely ready to have sex with you before you make the move, or you risk permanent rejection and may even be labeled as a pervert! So, read on for some of the most effective ways to tell if she’s ready for sex.

1. Her body language says it all. She touches you (a lot) and does not mind if you also touch her. You catch her licking her lips when she talks to you. A woman who is ready to get into bed with a guy tends to open her body non-verbally, cuing that she is ready for action. Simple touches on the arm and holding you hand are NOT enough signs that she is ready, though. She really has to be welcoming to your touch, and even be quite aggressive in physically touching you.

2. Start with a kiss, and gauge her readiness. If a woman wants sex, her kisses won’t lie. Her tongue will probe deeper, and her hands will be more aggressive in touching you.

3. She may initiate the sex topic. The rule is this: If a woman hints at sex, then she is about 50% ready and is leaving the other 50% up to you, so you better make your move. Most women can’t easily just bring up sex, so if they do, it obviously indicates that they are ready to get into bed. What she’s waiting for now if the first move from you.

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