How to Create an Irresistible Online Dating Profile

Be patient and know that if you continue to put out good signals, you can find a good man… -Bryan Cohen

Online websites can be great places to find a high quality man, provided you know how to do it. If you’re not meeting the kind of men you are interested in online, it may be time to give your profile a make-over. You want it to be irresistible to the right man!

While you do have to be vigilant about your safety online, there are many relationship-ready, single men out there who are smart, professional, and interesting. These men want to find the woman of their dreams and turn to the online marriage websites because they are leading busy lives. However, to ignite their interest and get their attention, you must be able to appeal to them with a desirable profile.

The very first step towards creating a great profile is to feel confident from within. So, give yourself credit for your divine feminine attributes and gifts, be excited about the possibilities and get inspired. While the decision about who you marry is an important one, love and romance are supposed to be fun!

Start by choosing a clever screen name and posting a flattering profile photo. It’s the best way to stand out from the crowd and catch his interest. If a man likes your photo, he’s likely to go through the entire profile. A current photograph of you, smiling naturally, is best for attracting men. Instead of just describing your personality through mere words, show it to him with additional photographs highlighting your interests, hobbies and activities. For example, if you love to travel, include a snapshot of you from your recent trip to Paris. Many people attract other animal lovers by posting a picture with their pet. Carefully select the pictures you choose to represent yourself. Posting intriguing pictures of you is the first key to finding Mr. Right online.

Your profile should be brief, but every word matters so choose wisely. Start out with an interesting question or statement to catch his attention. Just like the headline of an article catches your interest, you want your opening line to catch his.

Be sure to describe yourself and your life in positive and happy terms. When a man looks at your profile he will be asking himself what his life would be like with you. You want to paint a vision of not only what your life now, but also what you imagine your life would be like with the man of your dreams. Help him to envision how wonderful life would be with you by describing some of the wonderful things the two of you would do together. Use language that lets a man know he would be appreciated, admired and respected in a relationship.

Be specific about what you want in a man in terms of his character and principles, but if possible remain open to men who may not physically look exactly as you may have imagined. Remember some men are diamonds in the rough. Often some of the finest men are not the most suave or experienced and might need a bit of kindness and encouragement from you. Putting themselves out there online can feel scary to men as well. They worry about being rejected and unappreciated just as women do.

Finally, always remember this is not heart surgery. So, you can safely experiment with your profile and learn by experience as you interact with potential partners. There is a high-quality, eligible man out there who would love to find someone just like you; just make sure your profile is giving you the best chance to attract him.

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