How to Get Him Back When He’s Moved on – Surprising Tips to Reconnect With Your Ex

When your ex boyfriend makes the move to start dating again, it may feel like he’s pushing a knife straight through your heart. Obviously, this only applies if you’re still carrying a torch for the man. Nothing is quite as emotionally torturous as the knowledge that the man you adore has fallen for someone else. If you were courting thoughts of getting him back, you may think that’s a lost cause now that someone new is in the picture. That’s not necessarily the case at all. Learning how to get him back when he’s moved on is possible. The basis of making it a reality is centered on understanding the importance of patience and persistence. You can get the second chance at romance with him that you desire, but you do need to perfect a plan to make that happen.

Obviously when you are trying to understand how to get him back when he’s moved on, you have to consider the new woman in his life. One common approach that women take when they’re in this situation is they set out to destroy the new woman in their ex boyfriend’s eyes. They think that if they can sabotage that relationship, that he’ll feel compelled to return to them. That’s a horrible idea for many reasons. First and foremost, it’s not going to work. The moment you start speaking poorly of his new girlfriend, your ex boyfriend will label you as petty, immature and jealous. That’s not exactly the basis for the building blocks you need to get him back. Also, if it were to work it would simply mean that you were second best in his eyes. She was his first choice, but since you scarred her image in his eyes, he’ll see you as the next best thing. Is that really what you want?

If you want to get him back when he’s moved on, become his friend and confidante. Men love having female friends, especially those they’ve dated in the past. They see women like this as a great resource and addition to their lives. For you, it helps to establish a new, untainted connection with your ex boyfriend. Approach him as a platonic friend and offer your friendship in return for his. Don’t make any advances towards him. Just keep it strictly friendship, which means light and uncomplicated. Hang out with him and the new girl from time to time and even bring along a male friend. What you really want to accomplish is to show him that you can be there for him without any romantic entanglements. He’ll come to trust you over time and that will help reiterate, in his heart, the connection you once shared. If you can do this, you’ll establish a unique position in his life and when things don’t work out with his new relationship, he’ll start to see you in a new light.

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