How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back – Important Things To Do And Not Do

If you want to know how to get your ex-boyfriend back, there are several things you should do and several things that you definitely should not do. The following list of dos and don’ts are important first steps toward getting him back.

DO NOT smother him.

I know that when you miss someone and are afraid you will never get him back, the first temptation is to call, text message and email him constantly. Avoid doing this at all costs. You will only annoy and push him away.

DO give him some space.

Instead of harassing him, leave him alone for awhile. Again, I know it is hard to do, but if he doesn’t hear from you it will spark a natural curiosity in him. He will begin to wonder what you are up to and if you have moved on. Most likely, his curiosity will eventually get the best of him and he will try to initiate contact with you.

DO NOT try to get revenge or make him jealous

If you are serious about wanting to get back together with him, it is a bad idea to go out with other guys in an attempt to make your ex jealous. For one thing, unless you are totally honest with them about your intentions, you are not being very considerate of the rebound guys. They have feelings too, and they may just have a serious interest in you. Don’t lead them on if you have no intention of dating them.

More importantly, you are sending the wrong message to your ex-boyfriend when he sees you out with other men. This approach may backfire on you, as he is likely to decide to go ahead and move on himself since it appears that you already have.

DO spend some time on yourself.

You’ve had your heart broken, so the natural thing to do is to mourn. I empathize with that. However, going into a total state of depression is not going to win him back.

Try instead, as hard as it may be, to act strong and self confident. If he sees that you are doing fine on your own, then you have a much better chance of getting him back.

Fight the urge to stay at home. Go out with friends when they invite you. However, avoid drinking your sorrows away. This is a bad idea for many reasons, most importantly to avoid any embarrassing late night drunk calls.

In addition, try not to sleep all day and don’t call in sick to work or skip class excessively. Basically, you should continue living your life like normal. Your friends and his friends will see it and it will get back to him that you are doing well. Plus, you will feel better anyway by just getting out and living your life.

Know that getting back together with an ex-boyfriend is not always a fast process. It can take some time and effort. However, if you follow the dos and don’ts above you will take the necessary first steps toward getting him back.

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