How To Make Him Jealous: 3 Dirty Little Mind-Playing Tricks That Will Get Him Back

Ladies, are you getting over a recent heartbreak? Did the man you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with walk out without so much as a good-bye? If so, then you have two options. First, you can move on with your life, hoping that you’ll find someone just as good as your ex. Second, you can get him back.

Of course, to get him back, you need to know what to do. You want to ensure that the tactics you use will bring him back to you. Now, you need to be a little sneaky without being downright mean if you plan on winning him over. Thus, you need to play a little dirty, which means using psychological tricks that will get him back.

Dirty, Devious and Daring: 3 Psychological Tricks To Get Him Back

It’s important to note that many people will say “don’t do this and don’t do that” when trying to get him back. After all, most folks don’t dare play dirty and use mind games to win back an ex but, believe it or not, it can certainly win him over. If you want to make a real impact on your ex, you need to play dirty. Jealousy can fuel the body to take action. And, if you want to get him back, you need to make him jealous.

1 – Date A Friend Of His

Many women would never dare date a friend of their ex. However, if you’re looking to push the jealousy button within your ex and get him back, you certainly want to use this dirty trick. After all, you start dating a friend of his and he’ll get mad at his friend and ask you what you’re doing. Of course, for a good comeback answer, you can ask him what does it matters to him since you two are no longer dating. Believe it or not, he’ll actually lash out at you that he’s still in love with you. All men get upset when the girl they used to date is dating someone else but, most especially, if it’s a friend.

2 – Have Your Date In A Place He’ll Be At

When you start dating again, whether it’s with his friend or someone else entirely, consider having your date in the places he’ll be at. Believe it or not, it’ll get his attention. He’ll start to get jealous because you’re out with someone else and not with him…even though he told you he no longer wanted to be with you.

Now, while it’s important to have the date where your ex is, you still need to look good for the occasions. After all, if you don’t look good, what’s the point? Be sure you dress in your best attire. Wear something he hasn’t seen, which means you’ll probably need to do a little shopping. What you’re looking to do in your attempt to get him back is take his breath away with how you look and make a jealous by making him see you out with another guy!

3 – “Accidentally” Send Him An Email/Text Message

Now, once the date is over and it’s a new day, what you need to do is “accidentally” send your ex an email/text message. What should this message say? You need to be cunning with it so you should text something along the lines of, “Hey, it was good seeing you too. I enjoyed my time with you. Hope we can do it again real soon! Have a great day.”

Before you even put your phone down, it’ll ring and be him on the other line. He’ll be wondering who that message was actually meant for and find out just how serious you are about him. Jealousy has reared its head again! It is great way to get him back without “meaning to”. Once the lines of communication have opened back up, you can continue them.

Hook, line and sinker! And, before you know it, you will get him back!

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