How to Spice Up a Love Letter

Love letters are one of the oldest ways of expressing one’s feeling to another. While love letters are romantic on their own, you can spice it up a little to make the receiving of letter special. Here are some tips you can follow to spice up a love letter.

Incorporating poems in your letter is one of the sweetest things you can do, especially if it was made on your own. As poems are not the easiest thing to create unless you are creative with words, writing your own poetry indicates the effort that you are willing to put in. Furthermore, a love poem about your lover can show how inspired you can become because of them. If you are not good with poetry, you can even quote a few lines from famous love poems. There are plenty of famous love poems available on the Internet. Find one that best describes what you feel for your lover.

If you are planning to give the letter in the form on a card, try writing it on card that has blank content inside instead of one that comes with phrases. This way, you can make use of all the space in it creatively for your personalized message. You can even design your own cover for the card with pictures that represents your feelings for your lover.

Instead of handing the letter directly or mailing it to your lover, one way of making the process of receiving the letter romantic is by adding an element of surprise. Place it somewhere private but is least expected, so that they can find the pleasant surprise. Your lover will be extremely ecstatic to find that you planned a surprise for them.

Lastly, include a small gift with the letter. Get a gift that is small enough to be included into the letter, such as a pressed flower, or even a pendant. This makes a bigger surprise to the previous surprise.

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