How to Talk to Women Post Divorce

Talking is something that we do every day; yet when it comes to the opposite sex, men sometimes find it difficult. Some men need to be taught how to talk to women as they may “clam up” or say too much. This may result in embarrassment, even fear, when talking to women.

Smooth Operator

Confidence is very important to ensure success with a woman. Women like men who are daring and fun to be around. Younger women like men who think highly of themselves. They desire men that are slightly unavailable: In other words, men who think they are more important than their women. It suggests to women that they are valuable and that other women desire you. You could easily walk away from her if you wanted to; this intrigues women.

When learning how to talk to women, your approach is a good place to start. The age and wisdom of an older man brings a wealth of knowledge to his partner and this is something that women do appreciate.

Women however do not want to feel like they are dating a boring old man. So be exciting, show them that you do and are fun and adventurous; do activities like visiting amusement parks and being playful around her. This will show your youthful exuberance. Remember you are a tremendous blend of wisdom and fun; a combination of age and youth. This makes you very desirable to women and it will also give you interesting things to discuss together.

Women As Friends

Earlier it was said that confidence is key and that women will be drawn to you if they think other women like you. The next phase of learning how to talk to women is to associate with some women as strictly friends.

This way there is no pressure on you to be extra suave as you are simply socializing with them. This also gives an opportunity to observe how they interact with each other and men in general. This will help you to practice how to talk to women and help you gain confidence while talking with them.

Socializing with women in public places makes talking to women even easier for you. This way, they will come to you reducing the pressure on you. Remember, this makes you look more valuable to them. Your female friends have essentially branded you as socially important and women prefer these men.

Never appear in a social hotspot like a club or a party alone or without a friend nearby. It makes you seem alone and sad. Always display confidence when talking to a woman; remember they like men who are socially valuable. Do fun and interesting activities and display both youthfulness and maturity. This way you will have different things to talk about. Women like experienced men but they don’t want to date their grandpa, so try to find a good balance.

Now this is very important, do not tell her everything about yourself in your first meeting. Leave her wanting more, be a bit mysterious. This intrigues women and makes you more desirable. Follow these guidelines and you should have no problem understanding how to talk to women.

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