How to Tell a Guy Friend That You Like Him Without Ruining the Friendship! Do it This Way

Falling for a guy friend romantically is something that happens more of than not. It can either be deliriously exciting or a nightmare. Believe me, because I do know how it feels. When you have been very good friends with each for a long time and then suddenly, just like that, you realize you are always thinking of him, feeling uncomfortable and acting weird when he’s around, you’ll know that things have changed.

So what happened and what changed? Your feelings, you stupid! You are falling in love with the guy and you don’t know what to do. More than anything, you are scared that he will not return your feelings. Things will not be easy for you my friend. Act sensibly and with luck you will find that he feels the same way about you.

Don’t however, depend on luck alone, if your guy friend has always treated you like another of his casual friends and has absolutely no idea how you feel; you’re in for a tough time. You can either let him know straight away and risk your friendship or worse still, he’ll be aghast since he had no idea and thinks of you as a sister. Ugh! Now that can be really painful. So here’s what you do. Take it easy and don’t rush your fences or you will spoil the whole plan. These are my tactics and they have worked for me. Others might have different ways of doing it.

• Never tell your guy friend right away that you have feelings for him because if he does not think of you like that, it’ll be a shock for him and he might start avoiding you. Once you have burnt your boat there’s nothing you can do.

• Be a true friend to him. Listen when he talks; even if it’s about other girls. Laugh with him when he’s happy and show your concern when he’s having problems.

• Be the first to offer help when he needs it. Show how concerned you are and let him know that you will stand by him no matter what.

• Look attractive whenever you are with him. Let him see you in a different light; as a desirable woman and not as a member of the gang.

• Surprise him with intelligent conversation and be knowledgeable about his interests in life (even if it’s boring).

• Be ready to accompany him to a soccer match or motor show even if you’d rather be at a movie, alone with him. Never nag him.

• In short, be indispensable to him.

• When you have him eating out of your hand, start acting elusive and mysterious. If you have been calling him, don’t call; wait for him to call you. When he wants you to go somewhere with him, say that you have a previous appointment, but don’t tell with whom. Let him wonder.

When you arrive at this stage, he will definitely feel your absence and worry that he has been taking you for granted. He will start wondering whether you have found a boyfriend or are slowly moving away from him. That will scare him to hell and make him come running to you to tell you that he can’t do without you. Believe me, it works, every time.

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