How to Use Your Sexuality to Get a Man? Here Is How You Can Easily Tempt Him Into Wanting You

Using your sexuality to create a sexual tension helps immensely when you want to get a man. Using your sexuality helps in creating chemistry which in the end helps you get the man you like. Here is how you can use your sexuality to get a man that you like.

The way you look
The way you look carries a lot of importance when you want to attract a man with your sexuality. Look at ways of enhancing your sexuality by wearing clothes that fit you perfectly and make heads turn. Revealing too much is not a good way to attract a man sexually. Instead highlight your best assets, either your legs or your d├ęcolletage and attract a man.

The walk you walk
When you walk you have to have the walk of purpose. Your walk should be the perfect amalgamation of a runway strut and a casual stroll. Wear high vertiginous heels and emphasize your sexuality further and attract a man.

Teasing him
When you get talking to a man use a warm and sultry tone. There is nothing more putting off than a shrill high pitched woman. Once you get talking create a sexual tension by teasing your man. Identify some weak point that he has and then tease him about it.

A cutting sense of humor
Have a cutting sense of humor when you want to use your sexuality to get a man. A woman with a sense of humor is intensely sexy to a man. Make him see that you are out to have some fun and take the edge off the seriousness.

Contradicting him
Contradict a man to reenergize the sexual energy. This will show him that you are a secure and independent minded woman. Lean in towards him when you are making a point and that will help you use your sexuality optimally.

Being detached
Make him see that you are not looking for his approval. Show him that you know your mind and he might say what he wants but your feathers will not be ruffled. Your man will want you more when you smile through everything and make it seem that nothing else matters.

Ask the right questions
Ask your man the right questions the right way. That will keep your man interested in you and will also keep him focused on your sexuality. Lean into him when you talk, touch his hand or sit strategically so that his leg brushes against yours. Doing all this will build on the sexual energy and will help you get your man.

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