How to Win Your Wife Back After Divorce! Here Are the Tricks Which Will Get Your Wife Back

Divorce is not the end of the world. If you have been recently divorced then along with relief that the ordeal has ended, there would also be pangs of pain from both sides due to the separation.

Divorce, however, also offers you a chance to start your life again with your wife on a clean slate as you will now understand on her likes and dislikes in a much better manner. Here are some ways on how to win your wife back after divorce.

Take a breather
Instead of pestering your wife to come back to you and watch her move out of your city, take it slowly and take a breather. This will allow your wife to calm down even as feelings of hatred and anger subside.

Keep communication lines open
You should ensure that your ex-wife still has your telephone number. She might need to call you in case of any problem and you can then help her out without imposing any pre or post conditions.

Remain friends with her
After the divorce, at least ensure that you ask your wife to remain friends with you. Do not impose upon her but simply clarify that you still see her as a friend.

She will not feel threatened by this arrangement and could call you to ask for help, advice or even offer to help you out. This could slowly lead to re-establishment of old bonds.

Go over the root cause of your divorce
You will also need to go over the root cause of the problem and eliminate those that have originated from your side. You should make sure that your wife hears about the changes that you have made within yourself, for her.

This will please her and even compel her to make changes from her end, which will certainly signal that she too is pining for you.

Forgive all sins and mistakes
The only way to move forward would be to forgive any sins or mistakes made by your wife. This is the only way that you will be able to open your heart again for her to walk into, and vice versa.

Upgrade your looks and attitude
Let your wife see you getting back into shape, physically and mentally. Let her admire your newly acquired fit body and fall in love with your infectious smile and sense of humor again. Remaining angry and grumpy will only drive her away.

Take a chance
Once you feel that your wife too is looking at you with those lost-puppy eyes then take a chance and sit down together to sort matters out.

Once you follow these steps, you are sure to watch your wife walk down the aisle and look lovingly into your eyes before saying “I do”, again.

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