I Don’t Want To Lose Him! How Can I Emotionally Reconnect With My Husband?

A separation from one’s spouse is a trying time for any person. Being estranged from the person who means most to you is a heart wrenching and downright painful experience. I would like to provide a little hope – not all has been lost – it isn’t too late to reconnect with your husband and get your marriage back on track. With a bit of effort and some deep introspection on your part, you and your husband will be back together in no time.

One of the first questions you must ask yourself is what caused your husband to walk away from the relationship. Take time to asses both your and your husband’s culpability in the dissolution of the relationship, and you must be willing to take your share of the blame for the demise of the marriage. It takes two to break a union, no matter what the circumstance. You must be honest with yourself and willing to see the error of your own ways if you wish to emotionally reconnect with your husband.

Don’t make excuses. Look at the marriage as objectively as you can and see the areas that you can work to improve yourself, which, in turn, will help your improve your marriage. Was there something that you did that helped drive your husband away? What can you do to change that behavior? If you don’t fix the problem behaviors, the marriage is doomed to fail again – maybe sooner, maybe later, but at some point, if the real relationship killers aren’t addressed, the marriage will suffer.

Work on self-improvement in as many areas as you can think of. Take responsibility for actions you took that have worked to sabotage your marriage. Swallow your pride and apologize for the things you have done. If you want to reconnect with your husband, you are going to have to be open and honest to both yourself and him.

Once you have apologized and he can see the positive changes you have begun to make in your life, being able to reconnect with your husband will be a cinch. Don’t waste anymore time on pride, if you want to get your husband back, be honest, take stock, fix what you can, and you’ll emotionally reconnect with your husband in no time.

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