Increasing Sexual Energy Through the Law of "Opposition" With Autofellatio and Autocunnilingus

Autofellatio and Autocunnilingus are forms of oral sex that allows a person to sexually stimulate their own genitalia with their own mouths. Ancient history has left us with many clues which indicate that such acts were part of cultures all over the world. It also appears that such acts were more common than they are today. Especially with cultures and religions which were keenly based on sexuality.

One of the reasons for this is that such auto-sexual acts allow a person to engage in sexual pleasures that cross the normal boundaries of life. One of the unfoldments that takes place as men (autofellatio) and women (autocunnilingus) journey into this forbidden land of self-sexual pleasure, is that they begin to explore their own sexuality in ways that they were never capable of exploring before. Crossing these borders allows one to tap into and harness sexual energy, feelings, creativity, and evolutionary growth that are otherwise very difficult and nearly impossible to obtain.

One of the basic methods used in autosexual exploration is understanding the “opposite” law of nature. This is where everything has its counterbalance to maintain balance and equilibrium in life. For example: The Sun and the Moon, day and night, good and evil, male and female, sweet and sour, black and white, and yin and yang.

Our “sexuality,” as with all of nature, is based on this same “opposite” law. Be it a man with a woman, a woman with a woman, or a man with a man. This is because, during the sexual role, the innate feminine and masculine evolve with the sexual act. These characteristics typically become amplified. This can be a female playing the feminine role and the male playing the masculine role. Roles can even be reversed, changed, and explored any time during the act of sex.

With self-sexual acts we can become both the male and female, the positive and the negative, and the yin and the yang. Under conventional methods of masturbation, we tend to fantasize about our “opposite”-balancing sexual partner. This can be through pure mental thought or with the help of a sexual video, for example. Whatever its source, it maintains our sexual balance through fulfilling our oppositive need through our oppositive lack.

However, with auto-fellatio and auto-cunnilingus, things are taken a step further. We can become one, by creating the duality of one. This is why this form of masturbation is so intense. We sexually give and receive from the opposite, and perceive both simultaneously. To further explain, imagine what it would be like if you were a man and that there were two of you having sex with two (of the same) women at the very same time, but as one. “One” being the “solo” performer with TWO sexual point-of-view perceptions being realized, simultaneously. You could then realize:

  • The Male (you) as Feminine and the partner (you) as Masculine
  • The Male (you) as Masculine and the partner (you) as Feminine
  • or
  • The Male as Feminine and the partner Feminine
  • The Male as Masculine and the partner Masculine

Or mix and match the two, such as Male/Feminine and Partner/Feminine with Male/Masculine and Partner/Feminine. There are many different combinations.

In all of these cases the “opposite” rule still takes place. The exception would be Male/Masculine and Partner/Masculine with Male/Masculine and Partner/Masculine. (“Feminine” can be substituted for “Masculine.”) However, this would seem an impossible task to realistically create, as there is still a “giving” and “receiving” taking place during the autosexual act. This is an interesting concept for further exploration, in my opinion.

Autofellational acts exploit the natural law of opposition, as we become both the opposite of our opposites. You no longer are part of the “natural” world that you are used to living in, seeking the oppositive to balance oneself. There is no need, as we already have this balance (with these forms of auto-sexual acts).

As sex is already a highly-energized and intense emotional experience, one can easily understand that through self-oral sexuality, that this energy could easily be doubled. From my experience, this is what happens initially to the person who is starting to explore this form of sexuality. With experience and learning how to harness this energy properly, the energy created is much greater than twofold; and it is much more intense and powerful.

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