Internet Dating Tips for Men – Six Essential Steps to Online Dating Success

Online dating is a minefield for those men who are new to the experience. It can be like starting a new job, such is the nervousness and tension involved.

There are plenty of online dating tips for women out there. In fact, the number of websites offering dedicated internet dating advice for females is much higher than that for men.

The main reason for this is that women often feel in a vulnerable position online. They feel there is a large percentage of creeps out there wanting to do women emotional, physical and financial damage to them via Internet dating sites. Sure, there are some guys like that – but it’s a small minority. Therefore, the websites offering advice for women on how to deal with this are numerous.

Men, on the other hand, are much more poorly catered for in the online advice stakes.

To help rectify that to some degree, here are six of the most basic tips men should follow when establishing their online dating profiles and presence, and how to go about picking up women.

1. Put your heart and soul into it

There is no point going into this without enthusiasm. You need to understand that you will get more dates by devoting time, energy, and sometimes financial resources (money) to get the dating rewards. Your attitude must be: I am here to find a woman, and I will not quite until I am successful.

2. Go for the pay sites

Everyone wants something for free these days. And who can be critical? Life ain’t cheap these days. However, free dating sites are inferior. The quality of women is much higher on pay sites than on free internet dating sites. If you are doubtful, join a free one and a pay site at the same time, and compare the results. In reality, the cost of pay dating sites is quite low compared to the costs of dating in the real world. Much cheaper in fact!

3. Look far and wide

Do not restrict your searches to local women. Look for women everywhere! Your soul mate could be on the other side of town, the country or the world. If you specify in your online searches exactly the type of women you are seeking, then you may not get what you want living next door.

4. Make the best effort in creating your profile

That means, in simple terms: lots of photos (the best photos you have). If you don’t have good pictures of yourself, get some new, flattering ones. With the text – be as truthful as you can, but leave out stuff that might put women off (criminal convictions etc). You can tell her the bad stuff later – no need to advertise it for the world to see. Be confident, but not arrogant. Get a friend to check over what you write.

5. Don’t expect a super model

Unless you are a hot-looking stud, don’t expect to be meeting women who look like Angelina. You will only be disappointed. Lower your sights at first, and your success rate will climb through the roof.

6. Be persistent

Like many things in life, Internet dating is a numbers game. Perhaps this is the most important online dating tip for men there is. You must not give up even if the first few responses to your online approaches are negative. There are so many women out there, you will find one (or more) eventually.

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