Internet Singles Dating Scene: Is Your Online Relationship Mate an Ideal, Fantasy, Fiction or Fact?

With literally millions of singles seeking to find their soul mate online, looking for a relationship-minded single, scam artists, immature flakes, and other time wasters are posting dating profile at the singles websites. Before you invest weeks of time messaging with your potential date, be sure ask yourself if the person you’re corresponding with online is an ideal, a fantasy, a fictional or in fact a real live person. Read on to learn if what you have is a real relationship or if you’re nursing a fantasy dream of an idealized mate.

In the early days of internet dating when it was still commonly thought of as computer dating, a term which some singles still use, many online love seeking single men and women would search for their Soul Mate online and toss their fishing nets to around the whole word. Some of the singles would say things like, “I’m open to love wherever it comes from.”

While we have all heard romantic stories of married couples having found each other who lived thousands of mile away from each other, even those who lived in different countries, the reality is, this percent of the population who meet and marry like that is a very small percent, about 1% of marriage. Not 77% of the internet matchmaking site sourced marriages.

Also, it seems that more single men have a single dating mental mindset that impedes their ever popping the question, proposing to their girlfriend, getting happily married, and actually starting married life together. A number of single men have this mental obstacle about “The One That Got Away.”

Really, it is “The One Who I Never Met.” They have an expectation that who they would really want to marry is some perfect ideal woman who they just haven’t met yet.

Single women have their own variation on this pipe dream. Single men might approach us at the social networking sites like Facebook or one of the Online Matchmaking Dating Sites like Match, Mingle, or Lavalife. And they live thousands upon thousands of miles away. The connection starts with emailing at the dating sites and could go on for months, even more than a year or two. They start to develop a relationship connection with exclusively online based. Both men and women can develop feelings for each other.

It’s just I hear tale after tale of when the majority of those singles finally meet, if ever that 97% of the relationship was a fantasy in their mind. They really only knew their prospective love mate only a little, and their mind had filled in the rest of the picture with their ideal.

There are so many elements to what we find genuinely attractive in our mate which cannot be communicated and conveyed over the internet. This is why I am also against Skype Web Cam Dating in place of meeting physically face to face (F2F) in person with your Prospective Mate. For the two of you to vet for romantic chemistry, you need contact with each others unique pheromone signature as well to read for congruency in their Body Language, Presence, Self-care Grooming, and Body Flirting Signals.

When what you seek is the fact of a wonderful marriage-minded relationship and not the idealized fiction of fantasy, then do aim to meet each other in person to get reality started.

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