Is Anal Sex a Sin For Married Christian Couples?

All married Christian couples eventually come to “that topic:” that is the question, is anal a sin in a Christian marriage? Is anal sex OK for married Christian sexuality? Many churches have condemned sodomy as a sin, but why? Does the Bible say that it is?

No, the Bible does not say that anal sex is a sin for married Christian couples. Despite Old Testament purity laws regarding periods, there are no limitations put on anal sex as a part of Christian sexuality in a marriage.

So, if it is not blatantly a sin, is anal sex OK in a Christian married realtionship?


Let’s first consider how it might be wrong. If a husband demands that his wife engage in this activity, and she is not comfortable with it, that violates the trust in the sexuality of matrimony. ANY sexual practice that both partners are not comfortable with is wrong. This is a great rule to apply to any other sexual act in a Christian marriage. Now, let’s consider how this act may be an OK addition to the sexuality in a Christian marriage. If both partners desire anal sex, it may be OK for them. If both partners understand the risks of anal sex in a marriage, it may be OK for them. If neither partner feels degraded, it may be OK for them. Here is a checklist to determine if it is ok.

1. Do we feel anal is a sin in a Christian marriage?

2. Are we both emotionally prepared for it in our marriage?

3. Do we understand the risks and precautions to take when adding this to our Christian marriage sexuality?

If you answered yes to all three, congrats! If not, then it is not for you. I hope this article has proven to be a valuable tools in your marriage. There is a book I highly recommend for better Christian sex. You can buy it on this website for Christian sexuality which I am contributing to. It’s new, small, and costs nothing to you.

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