Is it Harder For Me to Find Love As a Lesbian?

If you come out while you’re at high school, working out the dating game can feel really awkward. However congratulations for being so mature and aware of your own sexual preferences at a relatively young age. The funny thing is that the issues that you describe apply to all of us regardless of whether we are straight or gay. It is always difficult knowing the difference between someone being friendly and sexual interest.

Some people find partners really easily and others find it more difficult. That is the way of love the world over and it doesn’t matter if you are looking for a same sex partner or not. My advice to all people in your situation is to take care of yourself first and foremost. Never share your body with anyone who doesn’t deserve you and don’t enter into a sexual relationship lightly or under pressure from someone else.

At your age, you may still want to experiment and that is perfectly natural. A lot of young girls believe themselves to be gay as they fancy their friends and some are lesbians. Others are going through a sexual exploration phase and this is all part of growing up and becoming mature.

Take things slowly when you meet someone new. If you do want more than friendship why not ask them how they feel. People are often sick of the games played in the dating arena and it can be a pleasant surprise when someone is so honest. Not everyone will react in the way you hope but life would be boring if it was predictable.

Some people will tease and flirt with you. They may be intentionally winding you up or they may just not be as mature as you are or as aware of their own sexual feelings. People of both sexes mature at different paces, some never reach any level of maturity and there will always be players on the dating scene. Protect yourself and go out and have a good time. You will meet someone new when you least expect it.

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