Is Your Boyfriend Afraid of Marriage? How to Change His Mind and Get Him to Propose to You

Is your boyfriend afraid of marriage? Many men claim to be but the likelihood of your guy actually being scared of the idea of commitment is small. Some men confuse being afraid of marriage with just not feeling ready for it. If that’s what you believe is going on right now in your relationship, you’re facing a challenge. Trying to get a man to enter a more serious relationship with you when he has reservations can feel almost impossible. It can also leave you questioning your own self worth and whether or not you should be staying with him? If you dream of a committed future with your boyfriend, even though he claims he’s too scared to commit, there are things you can do that will subtly help to change his mind.

Dealing with a boyfriend afraid of marriage has to be done in a very specific way. Pushing him may feel like the logical thing to do but it won’t get you what you want. If a man feels hesitant about anything and then he feels pressure to comply with it, he’ll fight back. He’ll push back harder and inevitably you’ll feel even more rejected. He may tell you that he’ll never be ready to marry or worse yet, he’ll say that he’s not sure you’re the woman for him. Starting right now, stop pushing him. Don’t bring up the subject of commitment again. This will not only take the pressure off of him, but it will also make him question what’s going on with you.

Whenever a woman suddenly changes her mind about something, her man notices right away. This is exactly what you want to have happen if your boyfriend won’t get serious about you. Once he realizes that you no longer bring up the idea of marriage, he’ll start to question why that is. If you don’t make a big deal about that’s even better. Don’t go into a long winded speech about how you’ve realized that you’re not sure you want a commitment. Instead, let your actions speak for you. Start focusing more on yourself as an individual as opposed to the two of you as a couple. Make your own plans and don’t always be available for him. Once he feels the distance you’re creating, thoughts of losing you will begin to creep into his mind. When that happens it’s typically not long before he suddenly isn’t afraid of commitment anymore.

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