Is Your Pisces Man Losing Interest in You? How to Reconnect With Him Now

Is your Pisces man losing interest in you? You hope not but it’s hard to ignore all the signs that indicate that he is. He doesn’t come around as much as he used to, he takes longer to return your phone calls and he’s not nearly as interested in intimacy as he once was. You’re feeling panicked but each time you do bring it up to him he tells you that he’s fine and that nothing is wrong. Men don’t like talking about their feelings but that can’t stop you from trying to save the relationship. If you feel as though you’re about to lose your Pisces man you need to get busy ensuring he feels closer to you and more devoted to you than ever.

Pisces men sometimes get lost in their own thoughts. These men bore very easily and if he’s not feeling stimulated in the relationship, he’ll begin to live out his perfect relationship in his mind. That’s when you’ll start to feel that he’s losing interest in you. He’ll be thinking of what things might be like if he was with a woman who understood him better or who was more adventurous. It’s important to note that men born under this sign move from one emotion to another very quickly and fluidly. One day he might be entertaining the idea of leaving you and the next day he’ll be loving and affectionate. However, if he’s sullen or he’s been acting withdrawn for some time, you do need to step up and make some changes.

Being more spontaneous is a great way to regain the interest of a Pisces man. Start creating small and interesting ways to surprise him. Plan outings that he wouldn’t be expecting or be a bit more adventurous when you two are together intimately. You want him to feel as though he can’t ever predict what you’re about to do next. If you can make him feel that, his interest in you will be peaked all over again.

You also need to ensure he knows that you care deeply for him. If a Pisces man feels unsure of what his partner feels for him, he may start to stray just as a way to protect his ego and his heart. Tell him that you’re crazy about him each chance you get. Let him know that you’re so happy that he came into your life and that you feel fortunate that you are the woman who gets to spend time with him. He’ll feel empowered by this and it will make him feel deeply connected to you on an emotional level.

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