Jealous Of Ex’s New Girlfriend – Has He Really Moved On?

It is a very trying and difficult time for you right now and you will inevitably be feeling a bit crappy about yourself. These feelings of worthlessness will be compounded when your ex boyfriend starts going out with another girl. When jealousy raises its ugly head it is time to do something constructive and channel your anger into things that will draw your ex back to you.

It may seem like the end of the world right now as you feel that your ex boyfriend has moved on a lot quicker than you have. It is common to feel pathetic and down about your situation but there are ways that you can turn your whole situation around if you listen to some good advice.

The initial stage for you is to get control of yourself and to avoid any situation that will make you look bad in front of your ex boyfriend. We advise you to completely ignore him and stay away from him if you possibly can. Not only will this help you not make a fool of yourself by saying things to him, it will save the feelings of jealousy when you see them together. Do not do this to yourself, it is not worth putting yourself through the pain of seeing him with his new girlfriend, so avoid it at all costs.

There is a plethora of advice out there if you are willing to listen to it. You must remember that you have the power to change your situation and gain back the respect of your ex boyfriend. The surprising thing that we will teach you is that it is not that difficult if you employ the tricks of the experts. In no time at all you will see changes in his behaviour towards you and see that it is working.

It is hard to accept that your ex has moved on at the start, especially if you are still hung up on him. Never fear however, all may not be as it seems. To everyone else, he may seem happy and content with his new relationship, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is so. Of course it all depends upon when you split up and how long you were both together. You should realise that feelings do not just disappear overnight and your ex will still have strong feelings of attachment towards you.

When you know this you will see that you already have an advantage over his new girlfriend. He will miss you and all the memories that you shared together. Rest assured that you will still be in his thoughts and that he has not forgotten about you. In fact, this new relationship could in fact be working to your advantage. When you think about it, your ex boyfriend will subconsciously be comparing his new girlfriend to you and weighing her up to see if she is good enough. This often means that he will start to miss little things about your personality and be disappointed that she is not the same as you. Remember that outward appearances can be deceptive.

Another thing to be aware of is that rebound relationships do not last very long at all. Studies have shown that they commonly last from four to eight weeks. This honeymoon phase of learning all about a new person soon wears off and the reality sets in.

Have you thought about why your ex boyfriend has rushed into a new relationship so quickly?

Thinking about the reasons why may give you a clue into how he is actually feeling. When you break up with someone your emotions are commonly all over the place. There will be a huge void in your life and you will want to fill it as soon as you can. This is why people jump into new relationships so quickly, they start to miss their exes and want someone to make them feel good about themselves again. Understand that this is not real and that it cannot last for a sustained period of time, it is bound to run out of steam in a short time.

By now I hope that you realise that appearances can be extremely deceptive and that there is a very good chance that your ex misses you as much as you miss him. To get started on the path to winning back your ex boyfriend you should head over to our website where we will take you through the tricks and secrets of getting your ex to be attracted to you again and want you back. See you there!

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