Jelqing – Your First Step to Male Penis Enhancement

So you’re looking to for male penis enhancement techniques… well who isn’t?! It’s a fact that most men (even those who are very well endowed) want a bigger penis.

So is natural male penis enhancement truly possible? Yes… 100% it is. Don’t listen to the naysayers, or even doctors, who tell you it isn’t possible. Any MD out there hasn’t actually studied this stuff, and will simply dismiss it since it’s not something they’ve been taught in their studies.

How do I know it’s possible? Because I’ve done it! And I know many others who have done it as well. Yes… I’ve added length and width to my penis, 100% naturally… naturally meaning no surgery and no pills.

So how do you do it? Well there are tons of male penis enhancement techniques out there, but we’re going to begin with the most basic one… jelqing. Jelqing can add substantial length and width to a penis if done correctly. Will it work for you for sure? Unfortunately no. For some of us it will work extremely well and quickly… we call these people “easy gainers”… for others it will work very little, if at all… these are the “hard gainers”. Fortunately for the hard gainers there are more advanced and more intense penis enlargement exercises which will generally work.

I don’t want to destroy anyone’s penis however… it needs a lot of “conditioning” before getting to these more intense exercises. How are we going to condition it? Through jelqing… so let’s get started.

There are two ways to jelq… with lubrication (wet jelqing), and without lubrication (dry jelqing). I personally prefer dry jelqing as I feel it works the penis from the inside, as opposed to just the outer layers with wet jelqing. Simpy experiment with both to see which one you like best, and which one gives the best results for you.


While you’re 100% flaccid, make an “O” shape with your index finger and thumb, and wrap it around the base of your penis. Tighten your grip slightly, and stimulate yourself with your other hand until you’re about 70% erect. Your penis should now be mostly erect, with one of your hands clamping off blood flow at the base of your penis slightly(don’t use a death grip here… clamp lightly). Now move the hand at the base of your penis forwards slowly, while keeping a tight grip. You should “milk” your penis with this hand until your grip reaches the base of your penis head. Once you’re at this spot, quickly grip the base of your penis with your other hand, and release the grip with the first hand. Now again, “milk” your penis with this hand, and continue milking and switching hands back and forth.

How tight should you grip? Well a little bit of experimentation is needed to know for sure… but do not grip so tight that your penis feels like it’s going to explode from the pressure you’re inducing. You should feel a very mild pressure inside your penis, but no pain. As a beginner, I would only recommend 10 to 15 minutes of this a day, with a couple of rest days every few days. You do not want to overwork your penis, as this will get you nowhere.

So that’s basically it… there’s male penis enhancement 101. Now, if you’ve never done this before, you will probably experience some red “dots” on your penis when you’re finished. This is normal, so don’t panic. These are simply burst capillaries from the pressure you’re inducing. Once your penis gets used to what you’re doing, this will stop happening.

So there you have it… your first steps towards a bigger penis!

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