Kama Sutra – Male And Female Enhancement Of The Kama Sutra

Vatsyayana freely admitted that even the god of love can sometimes have a poor aim. When he does, strange unions form as can be understood by the following quote from the Kama Sutra: “Sometimes Kama, absent-minded, throws his arrow haphazardly. Thus one sees strange couples assembling. A man and a woman who should not have been brought together. They attract criticism, mockery and yet, ‘badly-matched’ love defies time! This hare-man, thin and graceful, adores his elephant wife, as powerful as a giant.

Their tastes, their preoccupations, their bodies, are discordant. But they adore each other! And, in the games of love, their harmony is perfect. The hare-man knows all the subtle caresses that arouse his wife. Making use of Apadravyas, he increases the size of his frail lingam. There are all kinds of them in the pleasure room: gold armband, precious wood tube, ivory bracelet. They choose them according to how their lovemaking progresses.”

We have all met couples that just don’t appear to be well suited for each other and yet they seem to thrive on the others company. Just as the couple mentioned in the Kama Sutra, we find very thin men with much larger women or small statured ladies in love with men who appear to be mountains. It isn’t a new fad by any means. What advice did the Kama Sutra offer these couples to make their sexual encounters more pleasurable for both parties?

Ancient Male Enhancement Secrets Of The Kama Sutra

Aside from the above recommendation of supplying a less than adequate lover with attachments to increase length and girth, the Kama Sutra offered another bit of advice. This came in the form of a recipe for an ancient form of male enhancement. Let’s take a look at this ancient secret in the words of the Kama Sutra itself.

“First rub your lingam with wasp stings and massage it with sweet oil. When it swells, let it dangle for ten nights through a hole in your bed, going to sleep each night on your stomach.

After this period use a cool ointment to remove the pain and swelling. By this method men of insatiable sexual appetite, manage to keep their lingam enlarged throughout their lives.”

That prescription makes those Apradavya’s, or sexual accessories mentioned above, look like a walk in the park. I don’t know about you, but, personally, I would rather be laughed at by every woman I ever met than try that particular cure.

Ointments For Female Enhancement From The Kama Sutra

It seems that while Vatsyayana’s advice may have been a bit masochistic for the men, he was a little easier on the ladies. In the Kama Sutra, he described two different ointments with different purposes.

For the ladies who were of a size that was a bit too large for their man to accommodate them, the Kama Sutra provided the following insights: “By applying an ointment made from crushed Barleria leaves to her yoni, the elephant woman can spend at least one night discovering the delights of being a doe.”

If she happened to over do the effect or was just to small to accommodate a larger male to begin with he had a different ointment. He went on to say, “Likewise the doe can use honey mixed with powdered roots of Lotus, Madder, Sal (tree of aromatic gum), the Blue Lotus and the Mongoose plant to accommodate a stallion for one night.”

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