Keep Gaining New Clients by Reconnecting With Past Prospects

Over the years I have been responsible for selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of a high-end consulting training as well as selling hundreds of copies of business buying systems ranging in price from $299 to $1495 each. I also have worked at increasing the sales and value of dozens of other products covering a wide range of topics from online marketing to joint venture deal-making.

But before creating my website, I owned businesses in retail, wholesale and manufacturing.

I also worked for many years as a salesman in many different fields selling products and services by knocking on doors, selling by phone and by sending faxes, and more.

From years of experience, I have learned the secrets of effective selling and am going to share with you my top secrets on how to create more customers without advertising. Here is an idea you can use right away:

…You Want To Reactivate Past Clients And Prospects…

Many of the clients you’ve done business with in the past will start doing business with you again if you just contact them.

But to make this process more pleasant and avoid cold calling, I suggest an automated system that will contact these past clients and make them eager to do business with you. My favorite method is to send a special kind of free gift sent to them that will make them come back for more.

This free gift can be in the form of an audio recording that you can send out to clients by email.  This has no cost to you, other then the few seconds it takes to press send.  The recording will do the work for you and you will be surprised at the clients and prospects who will be wanting to do business with you again.  Get the clients by simply reconnecting and enticing your past prospects.

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