Learn How to Get Him Back – 4 Tips For Reconnecting With Your Ex

Do you wish you could go back to the happy times with your ex? Do you want to try one more time to make things work? If so, you should read the suggestions below. They might just help you learn how to get him back.

1. You have to have patience. This is very important. You cannot rush the process. You need to start to reconnect with your ex slowly. Wave and say hello when you see him. Look him in the eyes when you see him so he knows you are focused on him when you are talking to him. This is all you should do at first, though.

2. Try talking to your ex for a short period of time when you see him. Don’t have an in-depth conversation, just make small talk at first and see how it goes. You want to be sort of mysterious about what is going on with you. That attracts men to you. If you are talking to your ex at a party, you can end the conversation if you see someone you know and go back to your friends. This will intrigue your ex and help you get him back. It lets him know that you want to talk to him but he is not the most important person in your world anymore. Flirting with him a little helps too.

3. Work on yourself. Keep your looks up and try a new perfume. You want to show your ex another side of you that he hasn’t seen so he will be intrigued. Pay attention to your looks when you leave the house because you may run into him. When he sees how confident and attractive you are, he is going to know you have self-respect and that will attract him to you once again.

4. Compliment him every so often. Just make sure the compliments are sincere. Complimenting your ex will give him a good feeling when he is with you and that is important if you are going to get him back. Remind your ex of fun times you two spent together and fond memories you have. Focusing on the good times in your relationship will get him thinking about good memories and help you eventually get him back.

You should work on developing a friendship with your ex first and then moving on from there. If he is interested in more, you will know. Treat him like any other friend, which means listening to him, being kind and understanding, and being there for him. Don’t show him any weakness or be needy. Make him chase after you. If you are meant to get him back, you will learn how to get him back through the process, but it will take time.

The above suggestions are just some of the few you can use to get your ex back. Many women have tried these tips and won their ex-boyfriends back after a break up. Thank T ‘Dub’ Jackson for coming up with the simple, yet effective step-by-step plan, “The Magic of Making Up”, to help you learn how to get him back and rekindle your relationship.

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