Left Alone, Things Always Become More of What They Already Are

Whether we allow things simply to unfold or we actively seek to make a change depends ultimately on how we feel. Each moment demands we pay attention to the nuance of feeling, so we can decide what to do. There is no blanket answer or quick fix to consciousness. One thing is certain-If we like what we have, we should leave it alone. And if we don’t, we should change it.

Many of us make the mistake of thinking that time will make things better. But oftentimes, the passage of time makes things worse. This is because time does nothing but pass. It is neutral and formless, merely open space that forms a backdrop against which our lives unfold.

We are so conditioned to believing in time’s beneficence, that we credit this natural phenomenon for major life changes. But in reality it is we, who are superimposed on the divine nature of the ever-changing universe, and not the passage of time, that creates change. Only we, as the constant variable, can introduce a change and influence the outcome, shifting the momentum.

Sometimes our lives don’t work. Nothing goes right, and we suffer mentally and emotionally. This stressful state does not automatically change unless the ingredients that created the situation change. If we wait and do nothing, change will always be determined by what is already there-things will always become more of what they already are.

This is because everything has its own energy field. As vibrations are layered, one on top of the other, momentum builds, creating an aura. This tremendous force field pulls to it all matching harmonious vibrations. That is why, when something is bad, it usually gets worse.

For things to change, we need to choose to move in another direction. We know the old way won’t do it anymore, and we are open to new possibilities. Sometimes, we have a powerful realization, but often it is simply a slight shift in consciousness, imperceptible but potent. This newfound clarity instantly halts the forward movement and refocuses the energy, sending it in a new direction.

With this new change, we have an opportunity to observe the process from a different vantage point. Feeling good has its own vibration. It attracts to it feelings that are peaceful and creates circumstances that are expansive and supportive. This time the variables have all come together and created just the right mix. But is there a way for these positive feelings to continue? What can we do?

We remind ourselves that if something isn’t broken, it doesn’t need fixing. We do nothing and enjoy our moment of grace. What is good does not have to be made better-it will get better naturally, with no help from us. By not interfering in this divine confluence and getting out of the way, we silently manifest energy that reinforces these good feelings and creates new ones.

If we can love ourselves enough and let things be when we are at peace, we will begin to recognize the feeling as real. It is not a fluke or apparition. It is not something we have to cling to, afraid it will be taken away. Feeling whole is our natural state of being, and we have as much right to feel this way as we have to breathe.

Chapter 28 from Reality Works Copyright © 2002 Chandra Alexander

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